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About Us


Bbq Chicken is Korean's No. 1 Chicken Restaurant. It's not barbeque, it's BBQ (BEST OF THE BEST QUALITY) !. Genesis Co, Ltd was established in September 1995 with just 1 brand - bbq Chihcken.

Genesis has since introduced 10 brands with more than 3000 stores, growing as the best and largest dining franchise company in Korea. Bbq Chicken has now grown to be the No. 1 franchise company to be selected as Korea's top 100 brands.


The company philosophy and vision is "to know no bounds to become the No. 1 Corporation in the world". Genesis aims to become the largest and the greatest franchise group by 2020 with a possession of 50.000 stores around the world.

With aggresive expansion plans, bbq Chicken has advanced into markets like China, Spain, Japan, USA, Fiji, Vietnam, Iran, Australia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Bbq understands the importance and relizes obligation of providing customers with not just a delivious meal but a healthy meal too.

Using only the ebst and freshest ingredients, consumers can be assured that they are served with quality chicken meal in out restaurants. Every time on the menu is clearly differentiated by its taste and quality. Bbq created its own inimitable formula with flavours and ingredients of Korean cuisine like Ginseng and authentic barbeque sauces etc.